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About us

NUEVA TERRAIN is the leading manufacturer and seller of pipes and accessories in the highest segment of the market in Spain.

NUEVA TERRAIN offers a complete pipe system in PB and PVC, prepared with superior technology, and constant service. This is all based on new design R&D and new technical applications based on high die-cutting technical capacity and the production by its workshop.
To offer an integral system based on the fullest range of innovative products on the market, and design and pre and post-sale support services.

Our fundamental value is to offer an integral solution. We have a sole distribution network.

The commercial network is founded on a base of highly experienced professionals with technical training. We offer advanced training programmes for prescribers, engineers, architects and fitters at the NUEVA TERRAIN training centre.
Through all this, we have attained a position on the market that distinguishes the NUEVA TERRAIN brand as one with an incomparable product and service technical quality. In the coming years, we shall continue to expand on the international markets.
NUEVA TERRAIN features the complete range of pipes and pieces it offers, covering all possible customer needs. NUEVA TERRAIN has more than 2,500 product references.
NUEVA TERRAIN S.L. ::::: POL. IND JUNDIZ C/ PADULETA Nº 2 01015 VITORIA-GASTEIZ - ALAVA (ESPAÑA). ::::: Tel. 945 14 11 88 - Fax. 945 14 33 36