Nueva Terrain began its journey in the 60s with the ambitious objective of becoming a reference in quality, innovation and technological development. In that decade, plastic piping systems were new and beginning the manufacturing and commercialisation of a drainage system made from PVC-U was a big challenge.

In the 80s, Nueva Terrain made another commitment to innovation and began producing piping and fittings in Polybutylene for plumbing and heating. In a market monopolised by metal materials, such as copper and steel, little by little they managed to introduce a plastic system, finally showcasing the enormous advantages of a technical material like PB.

The development of innovative, top-quality products is still what drives Nueva Terrain. Some recent examples of just this are: the Push-Fit joint system in diameters of 40 and 50 mm, the double electrofusion-butt fusion system on large diameters, multilayer piping (with oxygen barrier) in Polybutylene and the soundproof systems for drainage.